Destruction Arc is one of the most rare and powerful arcs in-game. It is in some aspects Mannitus coloured in black instead of red however there are a few changes. Firstly, it is more rare than mannitus though this is just my opinion. Secondly, the Death Dominus and Azurewrath's Aura(I think) both give you speed however Deeath Dominus doesn't damage players if you are next to them. Having used both, I think that Death'S Dominus gives you slightly more speed but it shouldn't be noticeable as both arcs are extremely fast. Death's Dominus is much more faster than Determination and I would say the fastest arc I have ever used. Destruction also has a teleporting move (like Mannitus) which leaves a black zig-zag showing the path you have travelled.

In conclusion, I would say that Destruction arc is a fairly OP arc if used properly and can cause mass damage with 9 different moves.

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