Welcome to the Arc of Forbidden Elements Arc List Roblox Wiki

This is the list of the Arcs and rarity that i know of in Arc of Forbidden Elements ( for those arc that i know of will be under the "Unknown Rarity"

Describe your topicTo see the arc list search their rarity in the top bar these are them.

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare

-Abyssal Follower



-Blue Flame Phoenix



-Fire Dragon Slayer














  1. Epic
  2. Legendary
  3. Curse
  4. Unknown ( Super hard to see and super super rare )
  5. Secret ( Have to have arc changer gamepass )
  6. Admin ( Only Admins )
  7. Latest activity
  8. Follow me on Roblox : @ii_Synthetic
  9. Forgotten (color pink)
  10. Ruby (color blue)

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